So many 14.06.2018 – John McAteer

so many stood 
with secrets in their eyes 
as the cityscape spiralled behind
and the sky a deeply bruised recipient 
of smoke and screams 
frightened souls 
brooded ghoulish above the flickering famished flames 
which clawed the tower 
the cladding
as many stood in abject disbelief 
unable to assist as the pyrotechnic bedlam 
spat and chewed 
to a pathos of blue flashing lights and sirens 
adding to the surreal flux 
apocalyptic frenzy 
and the death toll crept to 72 
so many of them children 
their easy dreams and innocence lost forever 
and many prayed to many gods 
built shrines and looked for answers 
in this unreal city 
where one year on the politicians bicker still 
refuse responsibility while picking bones
institutional indifference 
and to think we thought this time 
might be different 
as silently in green we marched beneath the gutted monolith.  

Published by geoffreyericsmith

Director of, BEST, Befriending and Support Team for Foreign Nationals in HMP Wandsworth

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