BEST is a charity dedicated to supporting Foreign National Offenders (FNOs) in HM Prison Wandsworth.

We aim to protect their safety, health, legal rights and general wellbeing, so they can make the most of prison life, undergo meaningful rehabilitation and receive help as they prepare for a sustainable and law-abiding life on release.

Why we exist: Compared with their British counterparts, Foreign National Offenders have greater difficulty in participating in prison life, seeking help, receiving visits from family and accessing legal and immigration advice. One of the main issues is the language barrier, with most Foreign Nationals speaking little or no English. This inability to understand prison and immigration rules and to communicate increases the men’s anxiety and can result in violence, mental health problems, suicide and self-harm, as well as discrimination by some staff and fellow prisoners. 86% of FNOs interviewed by the HM Inspectorate of Prisons said the uncertainty of their situation had made them consider self-harming. 

How You Can Help

Donate to Us

BEST relies on donations and we urgently need funds to survive. Donating to us is easy and secure! Click on the button below to make an online one-off or regular donation. To donate by post, go to our Donate page.


BEST conducts regular Social Visits to Foreign Nationals in the prison. As we emerge from lockdown we urgently need to rebuild our team of visitors: if you are interested in becoming a BEST visitor click below.

Spread the word

BEST needs more people to know about the plight of these men in prison. If you would like to tell friends, colleagues and your community, we would be very grateful. Get in touch with us for more information.

What our prisoners say

I can’t speak highly enough of what BEST have done for me. Their help has been unconditional and without the assistance of BEST I would have been returned to prison. The work they do is immeasurable. Without them and their aid, the world would be a lesser place.”


John – released 2019; no reoffending