Why the prison system is fundamentally flawed and what can be done

Is a prison sentence a punishment or an opportunity to rehabilitate and reform a convicted felon?  Most countries view a prison sentence as a punishment. With that philosophy, a prisoner will not only lose his freedom. But he will also be placed in an over-crowded prison, sitting two people in a prison cell built forContinue reading “Why the prison system is fundamentally flawed and what can be done”

Undrunk – John McAteer

online in another world esoteric depictions the separation of being from becoming learning dreams instead of lessons clichés of sacrifice antiquity terror unfathomable as centerefolds park in garages and foyers inscribed with the fullness of slime-rich caverns prepared incorrectly for the coming of war the afterness of copulation

Tinsel – John McAteer

cluttered days and hollow years remnants burned broken scattered with the dreams the demons the death that hurt that didn’t just beyond the door the moon trapped inside a puddle like a trophy warning now must be the time to be old when difficulties are pinned to walls as decorations tinsel