BEST’s work in HMP Wandsworth “invaluable” – HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

On 6 January 2022 HM Chief Inspector of Prisons published their report on an unannounced inspection of HMP Wandsworth in September 2021. Although prison conditions were found to be “poor”, and much of the report focused specifically on the inadequate treatment of foreign nationals, BEST was praised for “staying on site during the pandemic” andContinue reading “BEST’s work in HMP Wandsworth “invaluable” – HM Chief Inspector of Prisons”

BEST At Wandsworth

From The Bulletin, HMP Wandsworth, 16 August 2019   BEST at Wandsworth…  As BEST may be unfamiliar to a lot of readers, I’ll use some FAQ’s to explain our role in the prison and illustrate how we try to fulfil that role. Apart from shedding a bit more light on BEST, I hope this will encourage colleaguesContinue reading “BEST At Wandsworth”