Silence – John McAteer

saddened by the world and the workings of men
wounded and weary and fragile
seething with rebellion 

pretty things he noticed though only in the abstract
like special silences shouting indecipherable
not unintelligent just struggling
with the anguish of abandonment

and the nights began to tumble
as he stumbled through the cries in his head
through the wretched corridors and landings crammed
with broken souls with criminals and the collective burden
of spent love and dead words

with no kindness even beneath moonlight
he absented himself

Braver than most they discovered him
savagely still
a ragged strip of soiled cloth tethered to the bunk
secure around his throat
gone deep into the jigsaw-puzzle of prowling ghosts created
by this place

quiet for now

Published by geoffreyericsmith

Director of, BEST, Befriending and Support Team for Foreign Nationals in HMP Wandsworth

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